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Kimberly Salem

I’m A Cocktail Blogger & Digital Content Creator.

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Portrait of the site author.

Photo & Video

I develop recipes and showcase them in my photos and videos. Sharing recipes is kinda my thing.

Purple Elderflower gin fizz.
short video of a cocktail being made.
Cocktail in a coupe glass garnished with a cucumber ribbon.

about me

(The short version!)

The author of the site at a restaurant.

Hi there! I’m Kim, a food photographer and cocktail blogger with a love for flavor! Food has always inspired me, and I especially love developing cocktail recipes and taking fun cocktail photos.

I started my photography business back in 2009 as a wedding photographer. I loved shooting weddings, but it wasn’t a big surprise to me when my favorite thing to photograph at every wedding was the wedding cake (or sometimes wedding pie — I had some really cool clients!)

After moving into food and beverage photography, I quickly realized that I wanted to create a home base for all of my recipes. That’s how I started Charming Cocktails, my cocktail blog!

Working with brands like Empress 1908 Gin, Amoretti, and La Croix has been a fun way for me to help them express their brand through media, and reach new audiences too.

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