Me on my 1st birthday. Not much has changed

Food, food, food

Hi there! I'm Kim, a food photographer who is kinda obsessed with food. Food has always inspired me, and I especially love capturing desserts and cocktails.

After a couple of years studying photography and taking classes at the International Center of Photography in NYC, I started my photography business back in 2009 as a wedding photographer. I loved shooting weddings, but it wasn't a big surprise to me when my favorite thing to photograph at every wedding was the wedding cake (or sometimes wedding pie — I had some really cool clients!)

Now that I'm focusing on food photography, I am so excited and inspired. In each of my food photographs, I try to create a little story in my head. Hopefully they transport you somewhere warm and happy for a while!

Love 'em (but sometimes hate 'em)

Macarons Almost Defeated Me (Almost)

What is it about macarons? It took me thirteen tries (yes, 13!!) to make anything that resembled a macaron. And after that taste of success, I became obsessed with getting them just right. I made meticulous notes, only changing one tiny thing at a time until they were finally the macs of my dreams.

My point is, I love to bake, but I also love to get it right! When I photograph food, I am the same way. When I have a clear vision, I won't rest until I'm happy with my work. Do you have a project in mind of your own? Visit my Work With Me page for more info!



Drinks can be challenging to photograph, but they're so much fun! I love how much color and movement can play into cocktail photographs. And I recently got certified in mixology, which came in very handy during the covid lockdowns! 

Besides photography, I've started a recipe blog,, where I share a bunch of my favorite recipes along with my photos.

I'd love to hear from you! Are you looking for a food photographer or recipe developer to get the word out about your product? I would love to bring your vision to life. Visit my Work With Me page to learn more about my photography process, and whether we would be a great fit to work together.